Technology Overview

Eco-Tracker™ (U.S Patent 8,763,478 B2) is an innovative passive water quality monitoring tool using patented ion-exchange resin blends to continually monitor targeted compound movement within watersheds, aquatic ecosystems, and urban waters. The sampler acts as a trap, continually exchanging ions for specific counter ions. Data represents a cumulative load rather than a single point in time. Eco-Tracker™ samples up to fourteen (14) micro and macro constituents, including nitrates and phosphates, and is capable of:

  • Measuring cumulative loads of targeted elements
  • Monitoring contaminant movement
  • Identifying point and non-point sources of emissions
  • Tracking pollution discharges back to the source
  • Tracking inflow vs. outflow of contaminants and evaluating changes throughout a site
  • Quantitatively measure the success of conservation efforts influencing environmental recovery


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Eco-Tracker™ provides a comprehensive approach (from environmental ecosystems to urban waters) to measure, monitor, track, and resolve water quality impacts affecting the management and protection of water resources It is an innovative technology that satisfies industry needs and critical technology gaps for predicting the location and quantity of contaminants at any site Eco-Tracker™ can be readily adopted by commercial laboratories and used by environmental scientists and regulators to manage and protect the health of water resources. It was developed to address technology gaps, and current limitations resulting from grab-sampling methods. Grab-samples are not capable of collecting time phased data to capture irregularly timed releases and/or impacts resulting from storm events or unlawful discharges to aquatic systems and urban waters. Acceptance of Ion-Exchange Resin Technology s growing throughout the scientific community with more than 300 journal articles published that address its use for soil and environmental studies.